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Why Early Intervention is so Important:

In all criminal cases, it is absolutely critical to retain an attorney as early as possible. In fact, the most important period of time in your case is the period before formal charges have been filed against you by the prosecutor. Just because you’ve been arrested or investigated does not mean that the prosecutor will decide to formally charge you with that crime.

Prosecutors have considerable discretion regarding what, if any, should be charged. They lose much of their discretion, however, once that filing decision has been made. By then, the case has now been carved in stone, and must be dealt with at that particular level. Therefore, it is critical to have an attorney who can provide the prosecutor with the type of information that will eliminate or lessen any charges against you. Mr. Nichols has over 10 years of experience as a former prosecutor in the Broward and Pinellas County State Attorney 's Office and is therefore very familiar both with the prosecutors who make these decisions as well as knowing exactly what type of information will result in a favorable outcome. Consequently, many times our job is finished before any formal charges have ever been filed, which is the best-case scenario for you.

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